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    Cornstarch - Tomatoes best friend - safe alternative to poisons - helps deter many garden pests that feed on tomatoes

    How to keep stink bugs out of your garden! :)

    Im so surprised to find out why tomatoes split and the tricks to preventing it is so obvious. How did I not think of that........

    Use Old Coffee Grinds in your garden. Tomatoes love it!! They add nitrogen to the soil, boost foliage growth and deter pests. If you don't drink much coffee, Starbucks gives away coffee grounds in their Grounds for Gardens programs.

    Fighting tomato blight with pennies? Pennies have so many uses in the garden

    Use Irish Spring to keep out #garden pests - including squirrels, deer, and mice! #DIY #organic deterrent.

    GO GREEN..Lawn Care for CHEAP! The secret of using SUGAR on your lawn. If you want to make your lawn healthy & at the same time, eliminate crabgrass, Bermuda grass, dandelions, clover, dollar weed & other shallow rooted weeds like chickweed, use SUGAR!! Sugar feeds beneficial microbes, insects, & worms. It won't cause allergic reactions in pets or children. Sugar will fortify grass while discouraging weeds. It's cheap and easy to apply. Click picture for more information.

    Use Baking Soda to Get Sweet Tomatoes

    Cornstarch: your friend in the garden...cornstarch...who would have thought...sounds like it works! I will give this a try!

    Stacking Tomato Ladders, Set of 6-these are the best support I have ever seen-use for tomatoes, cukes, beans and peas.

    Keep Tomatoes from Splitting

    Plants have best friends just like people do. Marigolds help tomatoes and roses grow better. Nasturtiums keep bugs away from squash and broccoli. Petunias protect beans from beetles and oregano chases them away from cucumbers. Geraniums keep Japanese beetles away from roses and corn. Chives make carrots sweeter, and basil makes tomatoes even tastier links to great gardening with kids ideas

    How to Make a Ladybug Feeder & Attract Them to Your Garden ~ they feed on aphids, mealybugs, leaf hoppers, scales and mites.

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    Self made Miracle Grow. Put 1 Tbs. Epsom Salt, & 1 Tbs. Sugar into each hole with your plant. It makes them grow larger, leafier and greener. Or dissolve 1 Tbs. Epsom Salt into 1 Gallon of water and use it to water your plants, trees, fruit trees, roses, flowering plants, squash,and all other veggies. For plants you have planted in ground or pots sprinkle Epsom Salt on top of the dirt/potting soil and water well. See Link for other ideas.

    Secrets of Growing summer Squash

    Mix packet of carrot seeds with several scoops of fresh coffee grounds to help space carrot seeds, repel pests, and fertilize soil. Add some radish seeds to the mixture. The radishes will sprout first, so you will know where your rows are.

    7 Tips to Start Seeds in the Winter. This would be something cool to do with your kids. It really makes them feel proud when they see something they helped create. When you and the kids harvest the garden, they will be extra proud and excited that they helped to "make" the food and may make them more likely to eat their creations; win, win. This starts in late Feb to early March!

    How to Kill Poison Ivy Combine 1 gallon white vinegar with 1 cup salt and 2 TBSP blue dawn dish soap. * Once all the ingredients have been mixed well pour mixture into a spray bottle. * Spray poison ivy. Be careful not to get it on your other plants because this mixture will kill anything you spray

    These deceptively simple tomato plant surrounds will produce healthier, more productive tomato plants with less effort from you. When planting, just slip an automator around the stem of each seedling to suppress weeds and protect against cutworms. Perforated cones direct water to the root zone. Bright red color triggers a natural plant protein that makes tomatoes mature faster and produce more fruit. Easy to use, but provides a big boost to your tomatoes.

    Very detailed instructions on how to plant a better tomato plant. - Click image to find more Gardening Pinterest pins