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under the light of the fireworks anything was possible. the huge bursts of light illuminated the grounds for brief snapshots of time and then slowly the light is sucked up. the wide gently sloping lawn beckoned him to move in between the bursts of light. -egr

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sparkly magic in the night #sparklers

iPhone Firework Photographers, via Flickr.

Sometimes I wonder how the stars can burn so brightly when everything else seems to have died.

Her vain attempts were only shooting pin pricks down her arms- weakening her body. "No." She sobbed, pounding the door feebly. "No!" Broken, she crawled to the far left corner, eyes pulsing with hot tears. "Am I alone?" - Elle Yue

This shot would be hard, but not impossible...but, mostly, it would be FUN!

Suwa Fireworks / Japan / Hanabi By via Flickr