Teaching Dave Ramsey at an early age.

Save Spend and Give Jars by Three Little Monkeys Studio...Free printable!

"Our Get Along Jar" THIS IS SAVING OUR LIVES. It is so simple and easy. Every one of my friends that comes over lately wants to make one of these and so today, I'm giving you the "how to" of my very best mommy secret.

100 Great Ideas for Saving $

love this idea!

Money as You Grow - A website about raising kids to be money smart

This was the best idea ever!! I changed it up a bit though. I made one for each child. Not only did they get a rock for every wise choice, they had to take one out for every bad choice. This way they were individually rewarded or punished. It has really made them stop and think about the choices they are making. Works 100xs better than time-outs and threats.

Take Your Family from Frazzled to Focused with these Jobs for Kids by age.

START HERE WORK AND DOWN: Zoo Passport for kids to mark off animals they see during their zoo visit. LOVE THIS!

Raising God-First Kids in a Me-First World – Franciscan Media

Back and forth journals for Mom and kids. I really love this idea

Love this idea

age-appropriate chores for kids ages 2-9 (& an easy way to organize them that require no extra work!)

Teach kids to put their clothes away!

3 Ways to Teach Children the Importance of Money

such a great idea!

Shadow banks

After School Checklist Printable for Kids

Sara Kety Baby & Kids 'Grandma Was Here' Bodysuit (Baby Boys) | Nordstrom

Chores for kids to save money to spend at Disney.