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How to make your Roses last forever


Spoon rose

DIY Paper Rose Wreath by Ellinee

How to Jump a Car

Printed candle.. so simple

31 Household Products You'll Never Have To Buy Again - BuzzFeed Mobile

Fun Do It Yourself Craft Ideas – 30 Pics

With these painting tips and easy-to-find tools you'll paint faster, neater and better. Even a novice painter can do a top-notch job with these helpful hints. Find 8 of The Family Handyman's Favorite Painting Equipment at http://www.familyhandyman.com/DIY-Projects/Painting/Painting-Tips/our-favorite-painting-equipment/View-All

■Clean out your empty foaming soap dispenser ■Then… add 1 inch of Baby Wash to the dispenser… ■Fill the bottle the rest of the way up with water ■Then, gently turn side to side to mix together {no shaking} ■There you have it ~ you’re all done… and that was seriously easy! Homemade BB Foaming soap

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what a great idea!

Yarn wrapped letters

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DIY Screen Printing

Big link list of homemade cleaners--fabric softener, laundry soap, weed killer, baby wipes, facials, etc.

ways to glue aluminum sheeting!

For the birds

Simplify your worldpinning for the tip about cleaning a keyboard with a sticky note and paper clips for the ends of tape #DIY #ideas #tips #tricks

Troubleshooting Dead Outlets: Usually when an outlet goes dead, the fix is something simple and you can save the cost of a service call by doing the work yourself. We’ll show you what’s involved in troubleshooting a dead outlet. This article covers how to start your search for the problem by checking in the most likely places. If that doesn’t work, we’ll show you where to look for loose connections that may be to blame, and how to fix them. http://www.familyhandyman.com/electrical/wiring-out...