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Go Herbal to Beat Anxiety: Kava and passionflower maybe the most effective anti-anxiety herbs, reports a recent Nutrition Journal. Other research suggests Valerian may also help. Note: If you have liver disease avoid Kava.

Kava Kava Benefits --- This herb is used to help one relax and communicate better with those around them. It has many additional medicinal properties, including it’s use as a diuretic, anti-anxiety aid, and to fight urinary disorders.

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the basics of herbs {great reference}

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Here are the top 10 herbs for anxiety, insomnia and mood disorders. These herbs are effective remedies for anxiety and a number of related disorders. Stress,...

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American ginseng is considered to be a stress reducer, energizer and a normalizer. The name panax comes from the Greek word panacea meaning, “all healing”. It has been traditionally used to negate the effects of fatigue and stress. It’s often used as a general health tonic to enhance a person’s mental and physical performance.

According to herbalist Paul Bergner, elderberry disables an enzyme present in the flu virus that prevents it from being able to enter a cell. In other words, it stops the flu from getting into your body, thus preventing the spread of the virus. In clinical trials, taking elderberry has removed all flu symptoms within 2 days in 90% of participants.

mugwort - known for its slumber and dream assist properties. It dispels nightmares, calms sleeplessness tendencies, and is sometimes used to enhance shamanic astral travel during sleep. A mugwort bundle (leaves and flower tied together) is placed under a bed pillow before retiring for the night.

goldenrod- *Helps to clear up kidney and bladder stones * Used in the treatment of arthritis * Clears mucus from the upper respiratory tract Goldenrod increases the flow of urine, which helps wash out bacteria and kidney stones. It may also soothe inflamed tissues and calm muscle spasms in the urinary tract as well. Goldenrod cannot treat urinary conditions alone, but works very well with other treatments.

@Alicia T Smith lookatthat. All-Natural Headache Soothers. Herbal teas (lemon balm, chamomile, ginger, peppermint), Compresses (hot or cod with essential oils; lavender, rosemary, peppermint, apple cider vinegar & more), Baths salts with essential oils & herbs, Temple Dabbers (lavender water, cinnamon paste, apple cider vinegar, ginger paste), Aromatherapy...