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Lighthouse Point Park Carousel in New Haven, CT ~ This carousel was built in 1916 has 4 rows of horses 2 dragon chariots / photo by caboose_rodeo, via Flickr

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Carousel zebra

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Carousel horse ♥ ♥

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Carousel Horse

Carousel Horses - Cardiff Bay, Wales

Vintage Horses photographed by Susan M. Rosin

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Love the posture of this beautiful horse

Enchanted carousels

Bushnell Park is home to one of only seventeen carousels crafted by Russian immigrants Harry Goldstein and Solomon Stein. Carvers of women's combs in Russia, the two men moved to New York to work on carousels for Coney Island.

Carousels are one of the best-known rides in amusement parks and one of the few that can claim to be loved by both kids and adults alike. Carousels were once reserved for soldiers and aristocrats, but they eventually became accessible to everybody. A much-respected part of entertainment history, carousels have an interesting background.

photo credit Patricia Montgomery This carousel was manufactured in 1905 by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company (PTC). Carousels made by PTC are identified by numbers in the order they were made. Therefore, the one in Burlington is identified as the PTC No. 6 which indicates that it was the sixth (of 74) manufactured.




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Carousel animals

Carousel Animals

Carousel animals