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Camper opens its first Together store in Osaka, the first outside Japan’s capital. It has been designed by Nendo, the young studio founded by Oki Sato which has already gained international acclaim after barely ten years. The new space has a...

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Gallery of Skechers TR Casual Showroom / Zemberek Design - 5

SKECHERS TR CASUAL SHOWROOM,creative by Safak Emrence Design, pinned by Ton van der Veer

Coordination Asia para AER Stores

AER Coordination Asia, a Shanghai-based architecture firm known for creating visually robust environments, completed a new breed of telecom stores named AER for AISIDI, one of China’s leading resellers for mobile and digital products and services.

Points of Light

Sometimes, effective lighting can morph from a functional element into a key aesthetic component. Such was the case for these six exhibits, whose dramatic lighting strategies deftly transcended ancillary components to become theatrical elements.

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