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  • Dameian Narine-Christensen

    Bradley James - Modern Day Prince Charming

  • Leah

    King Arthur Pendragon-Bradley James King Arthur Pendragon-short sandy blonde hair, sea foam shade of green eyes, 6’0 and very muscular, wears long tunics and mail chain, (Shadow serves under his control as a knightress to the lady Morgana.)

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Bradley James. Loved him as Arthur in 'Merlin'

Bradley James. and some people think hes ugly? are your heads screwed on correctly?!

Bradley James, you are ridiculously attractive and noble and hysterical and strong and wise and loving and endearingly annoying. You and Angel Coulby have some serious chemistry. I'm kinda in love with your character, Arthur. Bye.

Bradley James, plays King Arthur on BBc's "Merlin." Love him!

Here's some Bradley for you Millie

Bradley James aka the Once and Future King

Bradley James. I'm a sucker for guys with blonde hair and blue eyes!