• Annabelle Everling

    why little girls who grew up on Disney movies always seem to go for the wrong guy .... we're convinced he's prince charming. lololol

  • Britt Kastner

    Disney: Preparing girls for the future since 1935 Made me laugh in the worst way.

  • Danielle Zahn

    Disney: Preparing young girls for reality since 1935. Love this- especially since my daughters had a steady diet of Disney princesses growing up ( the only two they wound up liking were Belle, the bookworm, and Mulan, the "I can do anything you can do and do it better" warrior girl..:-)

  • Symantha Bodden

    Disney men... No wonder the girls of this generation are so. .. Well. ..

  • Jake Epley

    Disney: Preparing young girls for reality since 1935. Funny stuff

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