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I love Fall! Yesssssssss

I love the winter! when i'm wearing cute jeans and boots, sipping hot chocolate wrapped in a cozy hoodie next to my love. otherwise winter is dark, long, and full of cold!

Comenzamos la celebracion de nuestro quinceanero

Welcome September - most wonderful time of the year! ~ I have always loved the month of September. It usually meant cooler days and the beginning of fall. And it is my birthday month! I love September!

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40 Creative DIY Pumpkin Designs

I don't like Halloween (the only thing I don't like about October), but these carved pumpkins are so very pretty. I love that they don't have any Halloween-motif designs.

True fact. Love Christina Hendricks

Self Respect "My fellow womenof the world: "Put on some clothes. You want a man to give you the time of day.leave a little up to the imagination, and respect yourself. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and the beholder is anyone you want it to be.

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The nice things; the bad things; the sweet things; the careless things; the gentlemanly things; the crass things. Watch what you say, guys. We girls don't forget easily.

Exactly! All we do is cause our own greatest fears by lying and stealing whats not our. Why not look at how you would feel if it was done to you? And yet theres always the one who makes you think you cant trust...

Why do we, as girls, bring down other girls, knowing how hard life can be. for a girl? For real! This applies to ALL ages of girls, not just school age!

Look like a girl, act like a lady, think like a man, work like a boss Art Print

Now I practice not doing things.  It gives me lots of free time to do what I like.

Ain't it the truth! story of any wife/ stay at home mom!

I'm never this excited for the end of Summer...but this year I am BEYOND ready for Fall and the Holiday season!

I'm never this excited for the end of Summer.but this year I am BEYOND ready for Fall and the Holiday season! Bell Its our FAV time of the year!