Disney Channel original movies. I loved all of them, but especially The Luke of the Irish, Motocrossed, Halloweentown, and Zenon. I remember when my mom told me the grandmother in Halloweentown was Kathy Seldon in Singin in the Rain. MIND BLOWN.

disney channel original movies.

The old Disney channel---- please come back!!!

90s tv shows. Why can't they make shows like this #cartoon| http://best-cartoon-photo-collections.blogspot.com

The 90s were amazing as a kid. I wish we could go back now!!!

Oh, the 90s! :)

back when the disney channel movies were actually good.

21 Disney Channel Movies You Should Re-Watch- i need to know how to own ALL OF THESE NOW! I've looked for a few in the past but couldn't find them anywhere! Life size and model behavior were life!

I loved That's So Raven.

The Best Buzz I'm Ever Gonna Find... Lyrics

Recreate childhood photos. The last one is priceless!

All the other little girls are so cute, but it looks like Baby Meg got stuck with a Hades toy. Maybe they should have gone with Pegasus, he becomes her pet at the end of her film.

Disney Channel

Love it. #90skid

Love this movie

The times when I just want to see his whole childhood....


Story of my life


The last line of the series. best show ever. period.