Disney Channel original movies. I loved all of them, but especially The Luke of the Irish, Motocrossed, Halloweentown, and Zenon. I remember when my mom told me the grandmother in Halloweentown was Kathy Seldon in Singin in the Rain. MIND BLOWN.

disney channel original movies.

Oh, the 90s! :)

The old Disney channel---- please come back!!!

90s tv shows. Why can't they make shows like this #cartoon| http://best-cartoon-photo-collections.blogspot.com

back when the disney channel movies were actually good.

My Date with the President's Daughter<3

Story of my life

full versions of 11 Disney Channel Movies from the early 2000s for rainy days

I miss this show, Disney Channel isn't the same anymore!


Disney TV shows! the best ones ever

Bridesmaids - my favorite scene.... don't know why "churning butter" makes me laugh so hard

The old Disney channel.. How I miss it.. ):

25 Of The Best, Old Disney Channel Original Movies That Need To Be Released From The Vault

Especially the old Disney movies that you can cuddle up with an old blanket, some hot cocoa, on a cold day. Or any day.<3

Good question!

LOVE this movie

hahaha i love this part!!!

I love this movie!!

old disney channel shows | Old Disney Channel Or New Disney Channel? - Head to the Polls - Club ...