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men think it's a woman's dream to find the perfect man. every woman's dream is to eat anything without getting fat.

Funny Confession Ecard: men think it's a woman's dream to find the perfect man. every woman's dream is to eat anything without getting fat.

I love you so much. Except when you snore and then I just want to punch you in the face.

I totally cannot stand snoring! Once threw a pillow at my parents because they were snoring!

25 ways you know you’re a stay at home mum.

Life as a stay at home mum is anything but easy.

Funny Family Ecard: The sound of silence: A good indication your child is drawing on, cutting up, ripping, destroying, or eating something they're not suppose to.

E card e-card meme

Funny Workplace Ecard: I use excessive sarcasm at work because punching someone in their fucking mouth is frowned upon by management.

I enjoy a glass of wine each night for it's health benefits...

Too funny, but mine should say.the rest of the bottle is for my witty comebacks and flawless dance moves!

I am not a Black Friday shopper and there is such a sad ring of truth to this.

Boycott Thanksgiving Sales

Funny Thanksgiving Ecard: Black Friday: Because only in America, people trample others for sales exactly one day after being thankful for what they already have.

I hate it when you have to be nice to someone you really want to punch in the face - funny ecards

How about the moment when you punish your kids and realize you sound exactly like your mom! Scary!!

3 Natural Homemade Cleaners to Remove Pet Stains & Odors

That awkward moment when you realize that you just punished your kid for acting exactly like you. Sorry mini me.

The run for your life challenge! Zombies accepted!

If I ever had to run for my life, I would probably die. HAHAH My husband told me this yesterday. He yelled RUN SAVE YOURSELF and i looked back to see what we were running from first! He said running is your death trap uummm yup

I could think of a few people this applies to.......of course that makes me evil and vindictive.  See!  Now I'm describing myself!

I'm not insulting you, I'm just describing you. someecards / your e-cards

Let's celebrate the anniversary of our still not yet official relationship.

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