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  • Kate Rose

    pretty hot for a Newton boy (john krasinski)

  • Tamara Jernigan

    John Krasinski #JohnKrasinski #TheOffice

  • Heather Lee

    Why am I putting this in my "Wedding" album, you may ask? Because in my mind, I will someday marry Jim Halpert. Now, don't worry, I know that John Krasinski is married; I'm referring to Jim Halpert, his character on "The Office." Because in my mind, I am Pam, and Jim and Pam get married. It's going to happen. Look out, Jim. Fabulous, wonderful, Jim... :)

  • Linda Glover

    There's nothing wrong with a little eye candy. I love my hot boyfriend. :) John Krasinski is good looking, though. It can't be denied.

  • Angela Thompson

    Jim Halpert.... this man is just... the cutest thing ever!!

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