Lucy & Ethel putting up T V Antenna

Quiz shows were a huge success in the 1950s. They brought in a lot of viewership until one day they were cancelled after it was found out that they were falsely choosing winners prior to the actual beginning of the quiz. It would be a scandal that would rock 1950s television history.

That's Incredible

Father Knows Best

Television Antenna

Taxi.....Alex Rieger, Louie De Palma and the rest of the cabbies kept us laughing!

Rooftop TV Antenna


Andy...One of my husbands favorite.

Batman 1960 S, 60S Batman, 1966 Tv, Batman 1966, 1960 S Tv, 1966 Batman, Batman Classic, Batman Tv Show, Classic Tv

Love this show still today


Console TVs


Bonanza on Sunday nights

Buck Rogers

The Wonder Years. Loved this show!

The Carol Burnett Show... One of my favorites !!!!!