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Daily News announces end of Prohibition, 1933 - Photos - Happy National Beer Day! A history of beer in New York City

Headlines about the end of Prohibition reading, "Beer Is Back!" ~ March 23, 1933

A Prohibition agent stands in a flatbed of confiscated alcohol at the Trumbull Street Police Station on Detroit's West Side.

Copycat Shoney's Strawberry Pie

This Copycat Shoney's Strawberry Pie is a spring and summer favorite! It is so simple to make and is perfect served with a dollop of fresh whipped cream!

The Cold War 1945 - 1991 History Events Printable Timeline Poster

"The San Francisco Police Department’s notorious Chinatown Squad, formed to combat opium dens, gambling halls, brothels, etc. Note the sledgehammers! (1895)"

Vanilla Custard Slice

Vanilla Custard Slice - delicious, soft, creamy and so simple dessert! Vanilla Custard Slice is definitely Love at first bite!