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battle of wits

The story of my life. // I was hoping for a battle of wits, but you appear to be unarmed.

If I wanted to hear from an asshole, I would have farted!!!! Ha!

This seriously made me laugh so hard.I did fart! :D Still laughing though!

Your ridiculous photos and overly happy statuses aren't fooling anyone!  And you know who you are!

Just calling to remind you that I know you in real life. Remind you of someone?

You are about one smart ass comment away from being my co-star on an episode of SNAPPED.

Gilbert hahaha this just made me laugh and think about what we were talking about earlier! You+are+about+one+smart+ass+comment+away+from+being+my+co-star+on+an+episode+of+SNAPPED.


Can I just get a bunch of these made up and hand them out like business cards?

I dont like you, k bai

Funny Confession Ecard: It's not that I don't like you. oh wait, yes, yes it is.

Can you give me a minute? I'm looking for a fuck to give.

Some people let their kids run wild and cause others to want to throttle them. People, teach your kids some manners! You're supposed to be raising kids, not dogs.

Sorry that you feel that way. The only thing there is to say is every silver lining's got a touch of grey.

Why is patience a virtue? wombatarama Why is patience a virtue? Why is patience a virtue?

Welcome to customer service

I want to enlarge this and hang it up at work! I want it take up an entire wall and I want it as my screen saver an email signature at work. Then maybe people will get a clue.at work lol.