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    • Lana

      Messenger Boy with his bicycle (and cigar), Waco, Texas 1913

    • Tid Bitz Vintage

      Vintage photo boy with bike

    • Matilda

      Lewis Hine: Messenger boy for Mackay Telegraph Co., Waco, Texas, 1913 by trialsanderrors, via Flickr

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    Blind stenographer using Dictaphone on April 27, 1911. This could have taken place at the New York Association for the Blind. On the day before this photo was taken, April 26, 1911, President Taft was at the Metropolitan Opera House where he opened the Blind Workers’ Exhibition. The New York Times wrote, “While he [Taft] spoke, a blind stenographer ‘took notes’ on a specially prepared machine….” The exhibition was arranged by Miss Winifred Holt, Secretary of the New York Association for the Blind.

    Brakeman signaling on Freight Car T&NO 47429 of the Southern Pacific Railroad Company, 1951.

    "Send ‘Em by Parcel Post!" The story of children being mailed through the U.S. Post Office in the early 20th century! (Follow the link for the story)

    Although not required to deliver to boxes blocked by snow – customers are supposed to dig mailboxes out – this rural carrier is seen using an extension pole and hanging half out of his car to deliver the mail in Cleveland, Ohio, 1975.

    Employees of the John B. Stetson company finishing soft hats in the factory near 5th and Montgomery Avenues.

    William Penn Hose Company steam engine and fire fighters in front of the company fire station on Frankford Road near Franklin Avenue, Philadelphia. Organized in August 1832, the company is still in operation and is comprised of 100% volunteers.

    Children in child labor demonstration in a New York Labor Day parade in 1909.

    “I Scrubs” - Katie who Keeps House in West Forty-ninth Street, New York, 1892.“9 Yr-old Katie at the 52nd Street Industrial School, he asked what kind of work she did, & she answered, ‘I scrubs.’ Katie & her 3 older siblings took their own flat after their mother died & their father remarried. The older children worked in a hammock factory, & Katie kept house. When asked if she would pose for this picture, which showed in "Children of the Poor" Katie got up, without a question & without a smile.

    New York City window washers, 1958

    The young women - GIRLS - lost in the preventable tragedy of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire on March 25, 1911. 146 victims in only 18 minutes, some identified as late as 2011. Immigrants in search of a better life and future.

    Pinboys Frank Jarose (said he was 11 years old), Joseph Philip (5 years old) and Willie Payton (said he was 11 years old) stand in front of the Les Miserables Alleys. Frank made $3.72 the previous week. Joseph worked until midnight every weeknight and made $2.25 a week. Willie made over $2 a week and worked every night until midnight. The Les Miserables Alleys was located in Lowell, Massachusetts, this photo was taken in October 1911.

    Two of the pinboys are shown in front of a bowling alley in Burlington, Vermont, September 1910. These two worked alongside three other small boys until 10:00 or 11:00 P.M.

    Pinboys working at the Subway Bowling Alley located at 65 South St., Brooklyn, New York. It is noted that three smaller boys were kept out of the photo by the boss. This photo was taken at 1:00 A.M. in April 1910.

    Bowling Alleys, connect with George P. Grays, “Bastable Caf” on Genesee St., Syracuse, New York. This photo was taken at 11:30 P.M. in February 1910.

    Boys working in the Arcade Bowling Alley, Trenton, New Jersey, December 20, 1909.

    Pinboys in a Pttsburgh Bowling Alley, 1908 or 1909.

    Postman taking a break and resting -photo taken somewhere between 1920 and 1930


    Lewis Hine. These all work in Cleveland Hosiery Mills. The very youngest one (with curls) said, "I ravels and picks up", December 1910. National Archives via Flickr.

    This photograph shows a young boy at the reins of a laundry delivery wagon in Birmingham, Alabama, 1914. The photograph is one in a series of child labor photographs taken by Lewis Hine.Here is the full archival entry for the photograph: "One of the young wagon boys. There are a good many of these at certain seasons of the year. Location: Birmingham, Alabama. October, 1914."

    Portrait of a letter carrier standing in a Chicago office on Valentine’s Day in 1911. He is carrying a double pack of mail to compensate for the increase in mail due to the holiday.

    News boy - Mobile, Alabama

    Printing Wallpaper, unknown source

    Real horsepower at its best! A 33-horse hitch being used to harvest wheat at the turn of the last century.

    Reporters for the New York Amsterdam News at work in the newsroom, 1936. Photo by Lucien Aigner.