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Mid Century Pink: Black and White...

Eve Arnold USA. Virginia. Intergration Crisis. During the civil rights movement in America. Black and white children at a party to introduce mixed schools. 1958.

Photograph Eve Arnold : At a school for black civil rights activists, here the young girl is being trained to not react to smoke blown in her face, hair pulled, etc. Virginia 1960. Fifteen years old and bearing the burden of the Civil Rights Movement on their shoulders.

"I AM A MAN" - American civil rights protest, 1960s. Still makes me want to cry that anyone has ever been hurt by racism.....

Women of Fauberg Treme, New Orleans and their dog. Faubourg Tremé is the oldest black neighborhood in America, and the origin of the southern civil rights movement and the birthplace of jazz.

In 1965, at Jackson, Mississippi, Matt Herron took an iconic and ironic image from the civil rights era as a white policeman rips an American flag away from a young black boy, having already confiscated his ‘No More Police Brutality’ sign.

Eve Arnold, Students during a school-integration event in virginia, 1958

The Selma to Montgomery Civil Rights March, 1965. Photo by James Karales. what a great photo!!

High school student Taylor Washington being arrested in Atlanta, Georgia, 1963. The photograph became the cover of SNCC's photo book, The Movement, and was reproduced in the former Soviet Union in Pravda, captioned "Police Brutality USA."