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  • Rebeca Damboiu


  • Danielle Jenkins

    What are those JK they are a cellular phone, cassette tape, and pedometer

  • Rhea Young

    More bad tech humor.

  • Olivia Kozlowski

    Now we're just somebody that you used to know - Funny image with old mobile phone, audio cassette and pager. - I decided to include this funny cartoon as my first "Pin", as it's a great way to introduce Planned obselence to my blog. Such that, different modes of marketing and advertising seduce us into wanting the latest and greatest technology on the market. This way, consumers soon become unhappy with their product that they have enjoyed and pass it on, only to receive the very newest product.

  • Alicia Cordova

    lol true story

  • Luci Coo

    Made me literally laugh out loud

  • Katherine Stachurski

    :( I still remember you guys, good childhood memories ...

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