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Zonie, a Navajo woman. Ganado, Ariz., 1926.

Buffalo Calf Road Woman (1850s-1878), was a Northern Cheyenne woman who saved her wounded warrior brother Chief Comes in Sight, in the Battle of Rosebud (as it was called by the US) in 1876. She fought next to her husband in the Battle of the Little Bighorn that same year. In 2005 Northern Cheyenne storytellers broke more than 100 years of silence about the battle, and they credited her with striking the blow that knocked General George Armstrong Custer off his horse before he died.

Navajo girl getting her hair done using a Navajo hairbrush made of dry grass strands.

portrait of a young Navajo princess, photograph by E.O. Hoppe, 1927

WHITE SINGER, Navajo (Edward S. Curtis, 1906)

Crow (Arapsoke) woman with a child

Manuelito (1818–1893), one of the principal war chiefs of the Diné people. As any Navajo, he was known by different names depending upon context. He was Ashkii Diyinii (Holy Boy), Dahaana Baadaané (Son-in-Law of Late Texan), Hastiin Chʼilhaajiní ("Black Weeds") and as Nabááh Jiłtʼaa (War Chief, "Warrior Grabbed Enemy") to other Diné, and non-Navajo nicknamed him "Bullet Hole".

Navajo man

Native American

Here for your consideration is an aesthetic picture entitled "The Patient". It was created in 1905 by Edward S. Curtis. The picture presents a Portrait of an old, sick, Navajo man facing front, with a rag headband, and a blanket over shoulders. We have created this collection of illustrations primarily to serve as a valuable educational tool. Contact curator@old-picture.com. Image ID# 2AB2E945

Acoma Brave.

Navajo Girl | Edward Curtis

World War II "Windtalker" - Dan Akee an actual Navajo Code Talker of the Diné Nation

Hulleah J. Tsinhnahjinnie, a Navajo photographer


John Sells (1915 - 2007) was a Navajo Code Talker during WWII. Nearly 60 years passed between the time John Sells, of Shiprock, served as a Navajo Code Talker and the day he told his family he was one of the select group.

You are looking at an intriguing picture of a Navajo Woman. It was taken in 1904 by Edward S. Curtis. The picture presents a Navajo woman wearing silver squash blossom necklace, concho belt, blanket draped over shoulders. We have created this collection of pictures primarily to serve as an easy to access educational tool. Contact curator@old-picture.com. Image ID# 6C989895

Cherokee women: warriors, mothers, artists

Beautiful Chippewa Woman with infant. Photo taken 1900.

Apache women wearing indian jewelry 1898