Prostitutes of the Old West

Old West Train

Patients from the Titanic at St. Vincent de Paul Hospital

Christopher Reeve as Superman

American world war 2 poster.

Lewis Carroll and Alice Liddell. Alice's father was the Dean of Christ Church in Oxford. When she was four, she met Carroll while he was photographing the cathedral. He soon became a close friend of the Liddell family.

Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea is a country in Oceania which has a cultural diversity absurd. To get an idea, even though a small country, Papua New Guinea is the country with the most widely spoken languages​​, about 850 (according to wikipedia). By being in a place a well inhospitable and inaccessible, much of the culture remains latent throughout the country. There are some pictures of curious inhabitants of Papua New Guinea.

Arlo Guthrie, Woodstock



real prostitutes in the old west | An unknown Deadwood prostitute around the turn of the century,

Pioneers and Homesteaders - They came and flourished. Not the end of the rainbow but the end of rail and trail, West. They brought dreams and civilization. Education, Churches, Law, Self Government, Family, values of hard work and self reliance expressed in many languages and customs. Many nations made One.

Shirley Mason was the psychiatric patient whose life was portrayed in the 1973 book Sybil. The book and subsequent film caused an enormous spike in reported cases of multiple personality disorder.

Elegant African American Couple, 1910.

Clara Barton (1821-1912), the founder and first president of the American Red Cross, acquired her broad skill set of urgent medical care, long-term care for invalids, locating and reuniting lost family members and soldiers, etc. through “on-the-job training” during some of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War. Prior to the war, she was a schoolteacher with no medical background.

A gunfighter, gambler, performer, and alleged prostitute, Kitty Leroy, was best known as one of the most proficient poker players in the Old West.

The most important part of the cattle drive: the chuckwagon! Taken in 1887 by John C. H. Grabill.

allegedly a prostitute of the old west--photo is uncredited on the website

Celebrate the life and times of Ann Petry (October 12, 1908 – April 28, 1997); an African American author who became the first black woman writer with book sales topping a million copies for her novel The Street.

Occupation. French shopowner workers who manufacture cage crinolines, covered crinolines and other personal linen.

World War I soldier. [What war really looks like.]