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    • Elizabeth Shardelow

      SEP 3 1942 Coastal Command strike Two WAAF cooks at St Eval share the task of preparing rations for No 502 Squadron Whitley crews. Thermos flasks were squadron property, and those in the photo are all marked accordingly – No 502′s stand ready on the left, and those belonging to No 58 Squadron, also based at St Eval at this time, can be seen lining the shelf on the right. Note too the box of oranges, an imported luxury, often unavailable.

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    Balloon room worker mixing cement is reminded of the importance of her task by OPM (Office of Personnel Management) poster hanging on balloon room wall at the Goodyear plant in Akron, Ohio, 1941.

    A woman inflating a pilot balloon with hellium gas at the U.S. Weather Bureau station at the National Airport in Washington, D.C. The balloon is used for determining winds aloft.

    Lillian Kinkella Keil, flight nurse during two wars, made 250 evacuation flights (23 of which were transatlantic) during World War II and 175 evacuation flights during the Korean War, becoming one of the most decorated women in US military history ~

    "Give every girl an adequate number of rest periods during the day. You have to make some allowances for feminine pyschology."

    Helen Ryan (with cap) and Agnes Cliemka are unmasking and checking parts of the gasoline trailers at Heil and Co. in Milwaukee that will be turned over to the Air Force, February 1943. Ryan, age 41, was a widow and used to work in a show factory while Cliemka, age 23, was married with a brother in the army. She used to be a clerk in a department store before getting a war job.

    These “Top Women” worked at Gary’s (Indiana) U.S. Steel Works during World War II. Their job was to clean up, at regular intervals, the tops of twelve blast furnaces. As a safety precaution, they wear oxygen masks.

    Donna Mae Baldenecker, first WAAC bugler, Fort Des Moines, Iowa ~

    U.S. Army nurses getting port eyes view as the arrive in England. Lt. Ruth Wheeler waves hello as Lt. Beulah Waters grabs her hat; 1 March 1944 ~

    The Andrews Sisters entertain the troops c. 1940s

    Inspecting a Grumman Wildcat engine on display at the U.S. Naval Training School (WR) Bronx, NY, where she is a `boot' is WAVE Apprentice Seaman Frances Bates ~

    Lucille Ball performs at one of the gala balls during FDR's birthday

    Lucille Ball was one of the famous faces at one of the January 1944 galas celebrating President Franklin D. Roosevelt's 62nd birthday in Washington, D.C.

    American woman in the war effort - WW II 1943 (by W. Eugene Smith) ~

    After the war, Oak Ridge worker, Mary Anne Bufard’s spoke about her unusual odd duties: "It didn’t make any sense. I worked in the laundry at the Monsanto Chemical Company, counting uniforms . . . The uniforms were first washed, then ironed, all new buttons sewed on and passed to me. I’d hold the uniform up to a special instrument and if I heard a clicking noise — I’d throw it back in to be done all over again. That’s all I did — all day long. Of course Mary was screening for radiation.

    With millions of men inducted into the armed forces during World War II, women flooded into factories to do "men's work" here at home. - WWII propaganda photo USA, women war workers ~

    Maggie Gee joined the Women Air Force Service Pilots (WASP) in March 1944 and was then assigned to train military pilots at Nellis Air Force base, Nevada. She co-piloted B-17 Flying Fortress bombers through mock dogfights to train bomber gunners. She also flew with pilots who needed to renew their ratings. Gee served until the WASP disbanded in December 1944. Women in Military Service for America Memorial Foundation, Inc..

    Miss Mildred Saums of Three Bridges, New Jersey helps her brother catch up with his spring work by running the John Deere tractor for him after her work as chief clerk in the Flemington Auction Market Cooperative Association in May 1942.

    Actress Marlene Dietrich visits with women of the Women's Army Corps somewhere in France 18 November 1944. WWII Signal Corps Collection ~

    Marlene Dietrich, on her USO tour in Munich ~

    Life 1941 - Army nurse

    Many student nurses at Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta joined the Nurse Cadet Program during World War II ~

    Here, more than 4,000 attend the July 1943 rally in Washington, DC celebrating the 1st anniversary of the founding of the WAVES ~

    History in Photos: Learning a Trade. Girls at Brighton High School in 1943 Boston are learning how to be car mechanics. From the Leslie Jones Collection.

    Sk3C Sharlene Osler models the new uniform, consisting of dungarees slacks and chambray shirt, which will replace the present aviation coverall worn by members of the Women’s Reserve engaged in work requiring protective covering. The slacks are Navy blue denim with pockets on each side. The cotton chambray shirt is a lighter blue, with short sleeves and one patch pocket. The wrap-around turban is of Navy blue material ~

    Video is of actress Loretta Young promoting “Woman at War” week starting November 22, 1942. The week that honored the dedication and hard work of American women who, due to the war, took on greater responsibilities. As she stated: “We found that the hand that rocks the cradle can build bombers, make ammunition, can turn every kitchen into a salvage station for vitally needed war materials. Yes, and it can even help finance this war too.”