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    **The beautiful transparent Glass Frog** Among the many weird and fascinating amphibians on our planet, very special are the Glass Frogs. This amazing frog family has a transparent skin, allowing you to view inside its small body. They are so transparent that it almost looks as if they melt into the leaves and become one with them. Glass frogs live in and among the trees and plants of humid mountain forests in Central and South America.

    Transparency is a trait shared by all living glass frogs. In some species though, such as the Condor Glass Frog (Centrolene condor), the ventral peritoneum is white anteriorly, obscuring thus the heart and liver.

    Look at this amphibian-guy's shadow. Looks almost like a ballerina. LOL.

    Friends Spending Time Together // tags: funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures

    Glass Frog The incredible sight of the glass frog – whose transparent abdominal area allows you to see its internal organs. A team of American and Ecuadorian scientists working for Reptile and Amphibian Ecology International discovered a treasure trove of previously undiscovered species in a rare and dwindling ecosystem in west Ecuador

    'Rain' Forest Tree Frog Underside by citizenlouie #Tree_Frog