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    The Simpsons is what first made me want to pursue animation.

    Family Guy

    simpsons family

    Woody Woodpecker

    The Simpsons

    In 5th grade, this was my favorite show on TV!

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    Wow, the Simpsons House! This exact replica of The Simpsons' House was made by a fanatic, and it looks exactly like the one in the cartoon inside and out. It is located in Henderson, Nevada

    This Homer Simpson apron can make anyone look like the patriarch of the Simpson clan. This apron would be great for outdoor barbecues or indoor kitchen time with the family.

    The Simpsons

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    King of the Hill

    Check out Beevis and Butthead from 10 Best TV Shows of the 90's

    The Munsters

    M*A*S*H 1972-1983

    The Cosby Show

    The Simpsons.