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These are some of the outer hair cells in your inner ear that amplify sounds and help you hear. When these are gone you're SOL and have to wear hearing aids. So turn down your ipods and get some good noise canceling headphones!!!

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How we hear with the ears -Northgate Hearing Services

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Video to help understand hearing loss and hearing impairment by explaining how hearing works. Cochlear implants can help children and adults with hearing loss.

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Better Hearing Institute " The Hearing Bone's Connected to the......."

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Hearing Works

Hearing Loss

Video to help understand hearing loss and hearing impairment by explaining how hearing works. Cochlear implants can help children and adults with hearing los...

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Impaired Boy

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We are beyond in love with this story! A little help from Marvel, Hawkeye and the Blue Ear Help a Mother and Her Hearing Impaired Son realize that you can be a super hero, even with a hearing loss!

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The science behind hearing loss The cochlea in our inner ear contains 15,000 tiny, hair-like structures called “stereocilia”, or hair cells. There are two types: auditory and vestibular, responsible for hearing and balance respectively. Auditory hair cells function by bending in response to sound, and their movements are transmitted as electrical signals to the brain, which interprets them as sound. When these hair cells are damaged or killed, it can cause permanent hearing loss—

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Could Your Child Have a Hearing Problem?

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Hearing milestones and early warning signs of hearing loss in kids

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How many of you wear hearing aids or cochlear implants? Do you like the way they look—do you show them off with gusto?

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Information about noise-induced hearing loss from NIDCD.


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The National Institutes of Health Division of Safety encourages us all to protect our ears. Hear recordings of simulated hearing loss. -- #hearing #loss

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Helpful to explain hearing loss to families

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Audiology: The study of hearing

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After unwrapping your new headphones and iPods... here are Three Safety Tips for Parents to Protect Kids' Hearing. Please repin!

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HearingLoopLogo. A new advancement in hearing aid technology, called hearing loops, serve as wireless loudspeakers delivering clear, customized sound directly into wearer's ears.

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New Global Campaign Takes on Noisy Leisure Activities

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Today, on International Ear Care Day, the World Health Organization is elevating the profile of hearing loss—specifically noise-induced hearing loss—by launching a new campaign called Make Listening Safe.

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Listen carefully and protect your ears, Starkey Hearing Foundation | So the World May Hear

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Learn how to prevent Noise Induced Hearing loss in Children and for us all. Repinned by Columbus Speech & Hearing Center. For more ideas like this visit

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Features on the iPhone that make it easier to use by people with hearing loss.