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Sanaa Lathan is gorgeous! I love the whole look.

Cloud Swing When I was little, I used to swing & sing the afternoons away. My mom told me that the neighbor said she loves hearing my little angelic voice sing Sunday School songs while she waters her plants. Hahaha! I should have serenaded her when I had the chance.. and the angelic voice! Ahaha!

"I use handmade smoke bombs because I need a lot of smoke in a few seconds" A series of photographs by Filippo Minelli

take blue crystals and hang them so they look like rain! Shannon Potts can we please do this?

Alexandra Koukinova, Rain Doll Silver brocade fabrics are hand embroidered with beads of 20 shades and with silver threads. The hat is executed of silk gas and is decorated with the glass drops made under the special order.

Clouds Sculpture made of styrofoam cups / Tara Donovan

Rosetsu Nagasawa, Moon and cloud (18th century)

Geo landscape. the geometric feel to the clouds makes them look like boulders, but i love seeing the color changes on the facets they have