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This is one of the unique things about Texas but also sometimes the most aggravating😊. It takes forever to get out of the state to visit another one. But as a Texan by choice, I love it here.

obviously written by someone from H-town but this Dallas girl can appreciate it!

ignore the i miss you part - i'll be here for life. the best line "we put the yeehaw back in your motor and transmission" LMAO All the reasons I will always be a Texan

When you live in the South you can wear shorts 12 months out of the year, hey that's all of them! Wore shorts this past Christmas!

Texas according to Texans    From:  http://sorenhateseverything.tumblr.com/post/13909236126/texas-according-to-texans

I guess it's kinda cool that I live where the soulless rich people live and not where angry people, Texas Tech, and alcoholics live?

You know youre a Texan when... WHATABURGER is pronounced WATERBURGER.

Clothes for folks who live in a Texas state of mind. Printed and shipped from deep in the heart of Texas, these clothes are tough, just like our great state.

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I prefer spicy food over sweet food. I once offered my friends some of my jalapeño chips and they thought I was crazy and said they were too hot. Jalapeños aren't even hot!