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1966 Chicago coin-op coat check machine -- odd!

1956 "Gym-Cycle" coin-op bicycle ride advertisement.

Antique 5-cent Coin-Op *Apple Vending Machine*

Vintage Dean brand coin-op vending machine ... dispenses a handful of gum or nuts for a penny.

1940s oak Victor "Grandad" coin op (10 cents) marble vending machine

Coin-op stickers vending machine. I remember my daughter buying stickers with her allowance when we'd go to the K-Mart .. back in the mid-80s. :-)

1920s Columbus brand "Railroad model A" gumball vending machine. The lid and base plate of the regular model A machine were changed to eliminate rattling for use on trains and in train stations.

Beautiful blue jukebox style gumball machine by Carousel.

1920's coin op by Charles Ahrens - "The Execution" - put a quarter in and lights come on in the prison, beyond the door you can watch the prison get hanged! What a gruesome coin op!!! (I also pinned the video of it in operation.)

1940s Atlas "Bantam" vending machine - gorgeous!

1950s Victor brand "Race to The Moon" coin-op gumball game and dispenser.