wine rack and large cups to store markers, colored pencils!

Pringles cans in a wine rack to hold markers! Awesome!

Scarf rack

Paper towel holder + binder rings + page covers = a great way to display kids artwork, or favorite recipes... The possibilities are endless! Would be great for storing our write on/wipe off math drill worksheets.

A plastic ceiling tile meant to cover fluorescent lights, cut down and inserted into a box for organizing and carrying copic markers. Wonderful!

Take a corner strip used for installing sheet rock and attach it to a table edge or a wall. Store pencils and hang tools from it so they don't get buried under the materials you're working with. #workbench #studio #workspace #jeweler

Jessie of Messy Jesse used Fintorp to organize her sewing and craft supplies (and, bonus, she also used the Bekvam spice racks)

brilliant and beautiful. The only way I'll do glitter.

Crayons and coloring books in a dish rack! Great idea, I will have to share this with my at home moms/daycare mom friends!

Wow...good idea... Use a small wine rack as a holder for your blow dryer, straightener ...

Love the large desk

Entire website on how to store craft supplies!

Cut the cover of a puzzle box and store it with the pieces in a ziploc bag. Because the boxes inevitably break apart.

How To Make a Plastic Bag Keeper - recycle old water bottle to store bags in for emergency uses

I punched a hole in all my store cards and put them on a ring (from walmart). The BEST idea ever!! I dont keep them on my key chain. They stay in a pocket in my purse. Easy to get to.

use a spice rack as a crafting organizer.

DIY paper racks made with PVC pipes and rubbermaid closet shelves drilled into the PVC on a angle... Awesome idea!

Pencil Vase

Store buttons, etc. in canning jars on a 3 tiered rack.

My completed Welcome Gift for one of our new teachers! :)

Gret space use having tools visible and stored.