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"Do what you have to do until you can do what you want to do. ~ Oprah Winfrey #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship


And it took me 20 secondes of bravery courage to be where i am today...



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Good reminder...

So true

Everyone needs someone to weather the storms with, no one wants fair-weather friends!

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Maybe one day u'll be ready for it... know this even then i will be right there waiting for you... goodnight beautiful... lots n lots of kissessss...

"You need chaos in your soul." Nietzsche -- On image of Tetons in GRAND TETONS NATIONAL PARK, WYOMING. Explore literary quotes reflecting on journeys at

I *get* you. I can see where you're coming from. and where you are heading. reading between the lines)

Reminder: feelings are not absolutely true. Feelings come from thoughts-- you can control them. Remember, your soul is in the heart of God now-- you cannot be shaken. The only thing the devil can toy with now are your emotions-- he knows that he can't shake your foundation, and he hates you because of that. Don't bend to him. Remember where you stand.


What are you made of ?


I have found my new life motto.