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some variation of this... LOVE the yarn, not crazy about the straight line, it upsets my inner nerd.

Cason already knows these facts from our documentary family time, but study guides are always good ;)

Planet flip book. This shows younger students, but could be done for middle schoolers, too! Just depends on what you require inside!

Making It As A Middle School Teacher: Science Freebie ~ Planets

Awesome solar system craft with buttons and a canvas needlework mat. From Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational.

Order of Planets Poster with Printable Planets

Planets Lap Book And website has other cool science bits, a neat way to make blood.

Was looking for solar system ideas and came across's not really what I was looking for but it has some cute ideas for other stuff. PIN.

My kiddos hard work! 3D Solar system, thank you pinterest for the idea... oh and my hubby helped too! I used a projector, and a solar system worksheet to project the large circles on to butcher paper.

Mrs. Schmelzer's First Grade Class: Sensational Space!

Solar System Playground: a large diagram of the solar system on the playground or school field that can be adapted to grade 6 by getting the students to figure out where to place the planets.