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Bucket Fillers - help kids treat each other kindly and with respect- great idea!

"Bucket Filling" for character this and the book that goes with it.

Are you a bucket filler?Here's a cute rewards poster to use with a class bucket!The whole class works together to earn fuzzies. When it's ...

These cards are for use with the book Have You Filled a Bucket Today

Nice idea to create a bucket for each family member. When you want to say something nice or thank someone you throw a note in their bucket. Works for classroom too.

BUCKET FILLER IDEAS~ Check out these ideas and free downloads for using the book: Have You Filled Your Bucket Today?

Making a chart or writing down ideas together as a class about what makes a bucket filler can be a good first week activity to do with your class. Then they can know what behavior is expected and how they can show they are being kind.

Provide copies of the book "How Full Is Your Bucket?" and lead an activity on what groups behavior fills our buckets and which ones dip from our bucket.

Have you filled your bucket today3D bulletin board. Students can write compliments or nice things about peers in their class. Have them remain anonymous and read them before handing them out to monitor-could do it weekly! Be sure to check and fill out a compliment yourself for any kid with an empty bucket so everyone has something! I think we should do this at work!!!

Having this up in your classroom allows students to fill eachothers buckets and be kind. It will show kindness in the community of the classroom and is also a cute display

The Value of Bucket Filling | Yearn to Learn