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  • Tristan Rhys

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  • Valerina D.

    stings, bites and scratches! I like the idea of making outdoor survival kits with the kids for camping/hiking/etc.

  • Jo-Ann Tiranno

    bug bite balm

  • BradandShannon Hudson

    A little natural healing salve

  • Sharon Allen

    A little natural healing good for insect bites

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Simple Lavender Salve. ** It smells divine, but is not over powering. Perfect for dry hands, it also relieves rough patches on elbows and knees. The best part: it is EASY to make. This recipe only contains 4 ingredients and a few simple steps. Click for exact directions...

Lettuce for sunburn sunburns-lettuce cut into quarters boil in pot for 10 min, cover pot and allow to steep, strain water and cool. Place water in spray bottle. also the leaves applied directly to skin

Create a healing salve with a calendula infusion, essential oils and butters. Calendula is known for it's skin care properties and is widely used to soothe inflammation, control bleeding and heal damaged skin tissue making it perfect for use in ointments and salves. #diy #bath #body

cuts/scrapes balm. I can't WAIT to make this. Like a homemade, natural Neosporin. I just have to buy one additional oil and I'm ready to go.

The Homestead Survival | All Purposing Moisturizing Healing Salve Recipe |- Natural Remedies -

Healing Cuticle Balm by This soothing balm is packed with a herbal blend that will mend those cracks and make hands soft again. #DIY #Cuticle_Balm

How To Make A Miracle Skin Healing Balm. This miracle skin healing balm is capable of healing eczema, psoriasis, thrush, inflammation, itching, cuts, bruises, bug bites and stings, burns and rashes.

Salve making tutorial -- One of the best ways to receive the benefits of herbs as well as alleviate dry skin is through the creation of a healing salve.

"Herbal Remedies for Bug Bites and Bee Stings[...] simple and effective" i.e. "Rubbing herbs directly on bites and stings can bring instant relief. Lavender and basil help prevent swelling and relieve pain. Crushed plantain leaves draw out toxins and lavender flowers are healing and anti-inflammatory; both are excellent for wasp stings and mosquito bites."

10 Ways to Use All Purpose Healing Salve 1 Cup Cold Pressed, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 1 Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil 4 T. Beeswax Pastilles 1/2 t. vitamin e oil (optional) To each jar add: 10 drops doTERRA Lavender 8 drops doTERRA Lemon 6 drops doTERRA Melaleuca 1/2 teaspoon Vitamin e oil (optional) Fills {4} - 4 oz glass mason jars or small glass jars of choice.