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Viggo Mortensen  http://www.google.fr/imgres?q=viggo+mortensen=fr=isch=LwPcrspTU_prBM:=http://www.thehunkies.com/viggo-mortensen/=ZXHXa8zVOaZGaM=http://www.thehunkies.com/wp-content/uploads/2004/10/viggo_mortensen_1.jpg=305=397=hbGlTru6NOnh4QTR2L3WBA=1=1680=916

Viggo Mortensen- love his acting, find him incredibly attractive. He has a strength and gentleness about him that no other man matches! A True Renaissance Man! There is nothing he is not capable of doing and doing it well


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Viggo Mortensen by Michael Thompson

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Viggo Mortensen is awesome, just saying.

Viggo Mortensen - speaks 4 languages, works in fine arts, photography, poetry, and music.

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