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  • Lisa Griffith

    Romantic walk in the rain... Love this artist's color choices

  • Susan Dollinger

    ALLEY BY THE LAKE - Palette knife Oil Painting on Canvas by Leonid Afremov - Size 24"x30" This is one of my favorite artists!!

  • Catherine Caponio

    I love paintings that are filled with color!

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"WALKING ON THE WAVES" oil painting by Leonid Afremov

I'm in love with this print. It seems the perfect thing to have in the living room or bedroom of my first real home. The colors are exquisite, and the message is one of comfort and love.

This is one of Leonid Afremov's oil paintings which scream uniquness and excitement. He uses a palette knife for most of his paintings. I love how he is able to create such perfect scenery with his style.

WALKING ON THE WAVES" oil painting by Leonid Afremov. Love this. The farther away you look at this, the more realistic it becomes.... so amazing.

Leonid Afremov, "Old Light"

i love how there's so much color but it's somehow not overwhelming. would make a gorgeous print to hang up :D

One of the most amazing oil paintings by artist Leonid Afremov…

The Light of History - Leonid Afremov This painting shows really good control of color. The reflections in particular drew my attention by looking cool while willed with hot colors.