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Today Is The Day: Girl Scout Bridging Ceremony...May 2010

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Bridging cupcakes for girl scouts (daisies to brownies)

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Daisy to Brownie Girl Scout bridging ceremony!

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For the girls in my Daisy Girl Scout troop. Has Girl Scout promise and laws inside and their name, the year they became a Girl Scout and a hand painted daisy on the outside.

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Ceremony Ideas for Girl Scout Bridging. When Girl Scouts are ready to move up to the next level of Scouting, the troop holds a bridging ceremony. The highlight of the ceremony occurs when the girls cross a bridge, honoring their growth as girls and looking toward their future role as an older Girl Scout. Many troops make or borrow a prop bridge,...

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Pinwheels on Clips for Bag Toppers Custom Made To Order Set of 12 for Baby Shower Bridal Shower birthday party favors or wedding

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Girl Scout Bridging Ceremony Ideas | Girl Scout Bridging

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daisy bridging ideas | Using for Girl Scout bridging ceremony

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girl scout rainbow bridge | Girl Scout Bridging Ceremony

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Cute idea for a Girl Scout bridging ceremony for Daisies to Brownies

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Northern California

Gs Bridging


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girl scout bridging ceremony ideas | ... kipp is welcomed to the cadette ranks during the bridging ceremony

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Girl Scout ceremony basics... I remember all this stuff

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