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The Flying Emu is an Australian aboriginal constellation that stretches across the southern skies. It's formed by the dark nebulae against the glowing background, rather than by stars against a dark background. (Image: Barnaby Norris) ©Mona Evans, “Nebulae”

Eyes and Nebulas.    ©Mona Evans, “Nebulae”
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Community Post: The Universe In Us

Eyes and Nebulas. ©Mona Evans, “Nebulae”

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The Emu In the Sky Constellation: Australian Aboriginal Astronomy

The Emu in the Sky appears once a year to tell Australian Aboriginal people that it was time to harvest emu eggs for food. Australian Aboriginal Astronomy is a highly developed knowledge of the skies, that plays a role in Australian Aboriginal cultural beliefs, customs and day to day life.

Peony nebula star - WR 102ka - is located in the Peony nebula, the reddish cloud of dust in and around the white circle, surrounding the star. (Image: Spitzer Space Telescope) Mona Evans, "Nebulae"

The Witch Head Nebula. It glows from light reflected from bright supergiant Rigel - Orion's left foot! Although Rigel is blue, the nebula is blue because the dust scatters blue light more efficiently than the longer wavelengths. (Image: George Greany) ©Mona Evans, “Nebulae”