• Mona Evans

    The orbit of Venus is tilted 3.4 degrees relative to Earth's orbit. The two places where they interesect are called nodes. A transit only happens when the two planets are lined up at a node. ©Mona Evans, "Transit of Venus - Measuring the Solar System"

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Transit of Venus from 2004 || Image Credit & Copyright: David Cortner ||

Thierry Legault: One Transit is Not Enough, Venus took a lazy 6-plus hours to make its transit. A few giant sunspots also join in the view.

Transit of Venus 2012 in Hydrogen-Alpha by Chris Warren (UK)

Perfect shot of what appears to be a Boeing 727 passing in front of the sun while Venus is transiting. Credit: Jim Nista on Flickr.

Phases of Venus. Venus orbits closer to the Sun than Earth, so like the Moon, it has phases. Here is how Venus has changed from January to May this year. On the day of the transit, it will be "new" and only visible as a black dot crossing the Sun. (Photos: Efrain Morales Rivera) ©Mona Evans, "Transit of Venus - Measuring the Solar System" www.bellaonline.c...

The 2004 transit of Venus (you can see it just below center right of the sun).

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