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Valhalla Crater on Callisto. Callisto is the most heavily cratered satellite in the Solar System. Its surface has apparently been primarily sculpted by impacts. Valhalla is its largest crater - it's 360 km (225 miles) across and the rings extend to 1900 km (1190 miles) from its center. (Photo: NASA) ©Mona Evans,"Jupiter's Galilean Moons"

simulated images of the lensing effects of not just one, but two black holes, trapped in orbit by each other’s gravity and ultimately doomed to merge as one

I get texts from NASA when the International Space Station crosses overhead at night. I always run outside feeling excited, and watch it in respectful silence. Afterwards, I return to whatever silly thing I was doing feeling humbled and full of awe. #astronomy #ISS #nightsky

Jupiter's 'Club Sandwich' Moon 05.01.14 Jupiter's moon Ganymede, the largest moon in our solar system

Song of Earth - Video: Sounds Of The Cosmos – The Music Of Planets And Stars By Steven Bancarz • March 9, 2014 Discovery, Science Did you know that planets and stars actually give off music?

Io: Moon Over Jupiter (Apr 8 2012) Image Credit: Cassini Imaging Team, SSI, JPL, ESA, NASA How big is Jupiter's moon Io? The most volcanic body in the Solar System, Io (usually pronounced "EYE-oh") is 3,600 kilometers in diameter, about the size of planet Earth's single large natural satellite. Gliding past Jupiter at the turn of the millennium, the Cassini spacecraft captured this awe inspiring view of active Io with the largest gas giant as a backdrop (...) #astronomy