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this is hilarious... what would you do if you saw someone using one of these? It just makes me laugh!

Yea I read that in both voices

Yep, work up all your courage, get really close to your point, then chicken out at the very last second and divert his attention :)

Adult Tetris - so true! And just as with Tetris, I am the only one in the house who does this correctly. This makes it more fun

lol! i like the funny face pics more. he's still a babe, and not just cuz he's buff. but, the point stands, magazines are silly and vapid.

No One Would Ever Commit Crimes (If Spider Man's super power was shooting spiders out of his hands.)

lol I do this while screaming NOOOOO sad puppy commercial!!!!

18 Funny Restaurant Signs: There's just so much more to say than what's on the menu.

So totally me. There's a monster under my bed and the boogie man is in my closet.