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Mai 68

Piombino ( Tuscany) September 10,1943. After the armistice, citizens, workers and sailors of the Regia Marina Italiana decide to fight the Nazifascists instead of surrendering to the Germans.

Riot: Riot shield with complex mathematical equation used in financial markets containing derivative investment instruments. (no link to artist)

Burt Glinn, Washington DC, 1968. Aftermath of the riots in the morning after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr, leader of the Civil Rights Movement

Pre-'68; pre-Paris Commune. Barricades rue Saint-Maur, 24 juin 1848

Panthers listen to Huey P. Newton give a radio talk during Bobby Seale’s trial, New Haven, May 1970 by Stephen Shames

Civil Rights Movement -- St. Augustine


:: Larry Fink, 1967 ::

Gyula Zarand - Enfant de la Rue, Budapest, 1968

Mai 68, Paris. Marc Riboud

Hungarian Uprising, 1956 (honorary '68)

"Toward a social strike" - Quebec protest May 22, 2012 (honorary '68)

Hundreds of thousands in the streets on Day 100 of the student strike in Quebec (honorary '68)

Quebec Student Protests. (honorary '68) #manifestencours

"On Strike - Shut It Down", or "Before Hayakawa" (San Francisco State University)

"Smash capital"? I prefer: Capitalism, and all its injustices are of our own making; we will remake the economy into a system that is just and liberating.

"Once [or 'until'] everything returns to normal"

"Yes" ("to the revolution")

MAY 68: Street posters from the Paris Rebellion "Posters - weapons in the service of the struggle"


david douglas duncan - welcome to chicago, 1968

Watts riots (1965)

Democracy in America. (Chicago 1968)