Phases of the Moon. A lunar eclipse only occurs at the full moon because that's the only time the Moon could pass through the Earth's shadow. (Diagram: ©Mona Evans, “Lunar Eclipses”

Free! Phases of the Moon {With Oreo Cookies!}

Phases of the Moon foldable

Phases of the moon

The Sun, the Moon and the Earth | Teaching Photos

Phases of the Moon Cookies

Phases of the Moon website - found through Curriki! Created by David Clough

Moon: Phases of the Moon Demonstration

Phases of the Moon

I like how the cookie "moons" are positioned on the plate with the earth in the center and the sun on the side.

Science Teaching Junkie: Clearest Way to Teach Moon Phases...EVER!

Moon Phases Song

Sun, Earth, and Moon Model -

The students will create a flipbook that shows the positions of the sun, earth and moon during the phases of the moon. The students will shade in ...

so smart!! I did phases of the moon with marshmellows, but it got very sticky! This is a great alternative!

Love this-so simple & useful! Project shows how the Earth goes around the Sun and the Moon goes around the Earth.

phases of the moon video

moon phases

Phases of the Moon