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  • BugOutlaw

    The monsters are multiplying. Just months after astronomers announced hints of a giant “Planet X” lurking beyond Pluto, a team in Spain says there may actually be two supersized planets hiding in the outer reaches of our solar system.

  • Bryan Superfreak Mangum

    HD 149026 b is one of the hottest and densest planets ever found. The surface is more than 2,000 °C — about three times hotter than the surface of Venus, the hottest planet in our Solar System. It is so hot that scientists think it absorbs almost all of the heat from its star, and reflects almost no light. The scorching ball is smaller in diameter than Saturn but has a large core that weighs 70 to 90 times the mass of the entire Earth. Its total mass is about 114 times Earth's.

  • Hermila Kline

    Red & Black Planet

  • Emily Harris

    In the blackest night: 10 NASA images of planets like Earth

  • Leigh Stroud

    HD 149026b- a "Hot Jupiter" in the Hercules constellation, 256ly away (artists' rendition)

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Top 5 Potentially Habitable Alien Planets #space #astronomy #science

Uranus~I had not been aware that this planet had rings. Now I am informed that Neptune also has rings. Hmmm

Saturn. I love how you can see thru the rings, and I love the different-- vertical-- orientation. Finally, I love how the Cassini probe continues to beam us such amazing photographs of the Saturn system!!!

Storm on Saturn NASA's Cassini spacecraft has tracked the aftermath of a rare massive storm on Saturn. Data reveal record-setting disturbances in the planet's upper atmosphere long after the visible signs of the storm abated, in addition to an indication the storm was ... (View Article)

Mercury. I see a lot of volcanoes.

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"Unlike Uranus and Ceres, Neptune was not discovered by accident. It was proposed that a planet beyond Uranus could account for irregularities in Uranus' orbit. Independently, two astronomers, John Couch Adams in England and Urbain-Jean-Joseph Le Verrier in France, calculated the position of this yet unknown planet." - Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

Key Planet: Venus Venus is the planet of love and desire. She is in charge of romance and beauty. But Venus isn't only about physical love; she's also symbolic of the ideal love. When we see a beautiful painting or other work or art, Venus is present. She is the beauty of a rose as much as she is the attraction we have to someone we love.