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"It's so Amazing When someone Comes To Your Life And You Expect Nothing Out Of It But Suddenly There Right In Front Of You Is Everything You Ever Need." quotes FOR PHILIP K. You are amazing and I cannot wait for all of our plans to come together:)

When someone loves you, they don't have to say it. You can tell by the way they treat you.

Actions speak louder than words! Thankful my husband treats me like a queen!

What.. I was thinking about JB even though Ive never ...

Top 30 love quotes with pictures. Inspirational quotes about love which might inspire you on relationship. Cute love quotes for him/her

Hahaa not too sure about that

"Someone who really love you sees what a mess you can be, how moody you can get, how hard you are to handle, but still wants you."that would be me. My husband is very patient 😊

You make my knees weak and you take my breath away...my heart beats so fast...it's such an incredible euphoria...❤️

It's not just about sex. Don't get me wrong sex is great. But when you have a connection wth someone, when you feel so strong for someone, just a kiss is enough to make your knees weak. You just can't beat that.


Yes! I want to have a beautiful, happy marriage and I want my future children to know that I love my future husband. Love is the most important thing in life and I think it's worth showing.

enough said...*

Yes and no. I will have stopped missing you but say we are together I will miss you because your doing a concert/a tour/and that'll make me miss you/or even when you're at work! Yeah xoxo u_u but, fuck. I miss you a lot now u______u

And only you my beautiful honey xxoo >> i love you so much baby.. Please don't be so hard on me, on you..

And I feel like you've always been, my life feels more put together now than it's ever been babe

I have no doubt in my mind that he will...I feel like the luckiest woman on the planet to have someone like him in my life. He's absolutely my dream come true.

My sweet girls, remember this.The perfect guy is not the one who has the most money or the most handsome one you'll meet. He is the one who knows how to make you smile and will take care of you each and everyday until the end of time.

And I'd choose you... In a hundred lifetimes...

I walked into love with you. I chose you. with eyes wide open and heart on my sleeve. I chose you. and I will keep choosing you. forever and a day.