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Blue jay - Cyanocitta cristata - A character such as this is constantly seen snatching cat food pellets from the dish intended for our three feral cats!

This is what Bailey looked like as a puppy! The long snout, long legs & big ears.I wonder what kind of dog this is!

Bahaha i found tanners.costume for next year lol Tiger Dog i.e. a spray-painted golden retreiver

Tiger Dog

What to do with your doggie for Halloween? Check out these funny dog halloween costume ideas.

I take warm spot

I take warm spot

This is what my Beagle does when my husband gets up for work - not even a minute after he gets up out of the bed, the dog is in his spot snuggling with me!

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So I'm just sitting here and the whole dang thing explodes! I'm just as surprised as you are. Great Dane just destroyed the couch / sofa