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Fenix Outfitters - Urban Operators - Titanium EDC Tool

Amsler Knives - Titanium KC Bottle Defense Tool

Rexford RUT TAD Edition

Ti2 Parabiner -- PB-9 -- A titanium carabiner for paracord and multi-tool for everyday carry (EDC)

Multitasker - 2X -- Weapon specific multi-tool.


Benchmade - 915 Triage Utility Tool

Gerber - Artifact multi-tool

Fox Knives - Attrezzo multi uso POWER ASSIT

Schrade Tough Tool

Joy Enterprises - Fury Tactical 99102 Liberator Rescue Tool -- Includes a bottle opener, srewdriver tip, hex set and a multi-purpose cordura nylon neck sheath. All black oxide coated tool with black sheath is easy to conceal and the one ounce weight is ideal to carry.

Carbon fiber and titanium money clip with d2 steel knife blade

Atwood Tools - Stamped Rainbow Keytons -- Prybar, bottle opener, and bit driver.

Atwood Knices - G5 Prybabies -- Roid Edition in CPM 3v with antique diemaker stamp.

Black solid stainless steel survival card. -- Can opener, Cutting edge, Screwdriver, Ruler, Bottle opener, 4 position wrench (for various size nuts & bolt head), Butterfly wrench, Saw blade, Direction ancillary indication, and 2 position wrench.

Mo-Tool -- Wood Inlay Axe

Snody Crisis Card

Think Geek - Utili-Key 6-in-1 Tool

Leatherman - Juice Xe6 -- EDC. Awesome tool to have!


Boker Plus - VAT Vox Access Tool

Gerber - Shard Keychain Tool -- pry bar, small driver, wire stripper, medium driver, bottle opener, cross driver

NAVY CUI - Survival Tool -- It features a catting edge, bottle opener, wrench and spanner.

NAVY CUI - Keyring Tool Nice and simple!

True Utility - KeyTool -- Bottle Opener, Eye Glass Screwdriver, Medium Screwdriver, Large Screwdriver, Nail File, Finger Nail Cleaner, Thread Cutter,Tweezers.