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  • Mona Evans

    How a telescope works. A refractor is like a larger version of a seafarer's spyglass. It has a long tube with a main lens at one end to collect and focus light, and an eyepiece to magnify the resulting image. In the traditional Newtonian reflector the light focused by the primary mirror is bounced back up the tube to a small secondary mirror which diverts it into the eyepiece. [Image:] Mona Evans, "Choosing and Using a Telescope"

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Jupiter and Galileian moons to scale. Callisto image from Voyager 2, other from Galileo mission.

This view of the "belly" and part of the "head" of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko indicates several morphologically different regions.

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Palomar Observatory. The adaptive optics system uses a laser star as a calibration source and then deforms a small mirror to correct for distortions caused by the atmosphere. The corrections are made faster than the atmosphere can change -- thousands of times per second. Mona Evans, "Palomar Observatory" www.bellaonline.c...

Great idea to use the telescope to show what we might see in space. Adding the writing would be great for older primary students!

First image from Gaia star surveyor looks into the starry depths of the Milky Way

ALMA - by Karl Tate, Infographics Artist

Transform a paper towel roll into a telescope and learn real constellations with these cute printables!