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Telstar's first broadcast image. This is the flag waving outside the Andover Earth Station in Maine. It was broadcast across the Atlantic on July 10, 1962. Mona Evans, "Telstar - Herald of the Modern Age" http://www.bellaonline.com/articles

Fifty Years Ago, Lyndon Johnson Answered the First Satellite Phone Call

Telstar which launched into orbit 50 years ago today, was the world's first commercial satellite, and a testament to international, and government-industry, cooperation.

The thermos that came with a lunch box. It made a weird sound as you drink from letting air in the other hole.

Strawberry Shortcake thermos Younger remember I had this one? It matched my Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox.

Old School hair ribbons  I WANT THESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yarn Ponytail Ties I wore these in my pigtails all the time until I got the brilliant idea to get my hair cut into a shag. My hair wasn't long again for yrs!

Create your own for free http://go.picsart.com/f1Fc/awjwE8jUWv

Slouch socks… loved loved loved these, with my high school uniform

Puff the Magic Dragon -- Peter, Paul and Mary. i could hear that song start in the my head the moment i saw this LOL

Puff the Magic Dragon- Peter, Paul and Mary. I couldn't sing this in elementary school music class without crying. Then when I learned what the song was about in junior high school--I felt like an idiot for being emotional about it

OH how I miss you!!.

I'm not a fan of flavored water, but I LOVED Clearly Canadian in high school.

The first transmission to Europe, with six monitors of television programs, from America via the Telstar satellite.  July 23, 1962.

The first transmission with six monitors to Europe of television programmes from America via the Telstar satellite. July (Photo by Midge Aylward/Keystone/Getty Images)

Mood Ring--I had several

If you were alive in the chances are you had a mood ring or saw one. Mood rings are rings with a stone that changes color, supposedly in response to your emotions. Here's a look at how mood rings work and whether they really can tell how you.

Interstellar explained

Interstellar science Wormhole travel across the universe and supergiant black holes are just some of the wonders seen in the film 'Interstellar.

Remember these however my mom made pudding on the stove top.

I loved when Del Monte had the pudding cup in pop top cans. The good ol' days. If I'm not mistaken they even had a pink pudding, but I don't remember the flavor.

Back in the day: Hair curlers. Pincurls...still being used in the late 1940s/early 1950s

Comb damp hair Part into small sections. Wind each curl around your finger smoothly. Pin each curl in place with a bobby pin. In the morning remove pins and gently finger comb your hair.

Pony tail, chickie tails and braid holders

Twin Bead Ponytail Holders - wore these in my long hair through third grade

When i was a teenager, this was my favorite cologne. I bought it at ' five and dime' store.

Evening in Paris perfume was sold in the dime stores in the . now the bottles are prized collectables. At the age of 10 I fell in love with the cobalt blue bottle and what I believed was the "scent" of Paris.