Comet C/2012 V2 LINEAR and the bright spiral galaxy NGC 2997 in Antlia on September 29, 2013. They look close together, but the galaxy is 38 million light years away. (Credit & copyright: Damian Peach) Mona Evans, "Comets"

there are millions of planets, around millions of suns, in millions of galaxies. The universe is a beautiful, ginormous place, and we are insignificant in comparison. Be still, and marvel.

NGC 3190 ;-) The fundamentalist Christians believe humans are Gods primary beings in the universe. That today the UFO phenomenon is but demonic activity. What a small perspective some people have of God.

This X-ray/optical composite image of the large spiral galaxy NGC 2841 shows multimillion degree gas (blue/X-ray) rising above the disk of stars and cooler gas (gray/optical).

Orion Nebula. If the Orion Nebula was as close to earth as our nearest star (4 lightyears) it would cover the entire sky, so the only thing you'd be able to see is the sun rising and the Orion Nebula--Just amazing #universe|

NGC 6302 (also called the Bug Nebula, Butterfly Nebula, or Caldwell 69) is a bipolar planetary nebula in the constellation Scorpius. The structure in the nebula is among the most complex ever observed in planetary nebulae. The spectrum of NGC 6302 shows t

Comet 2P/Encke. 2013-10-12. (Credit: D. Peach) Mona Evans, "Comets"

A montage of images of Comet ISON taken from September 24 to November 15, 2013. (Credit and copyright: Damian Peach) This was the period of the comet's brightening before it broke up. Mona Evans, "Comets"

Incredible Views: Comet PANSTARRS Meets the Andromeda Galaxy


Comet West 1976 was a spectacular comet, sometimes considered to qualify for the status of "great comet".

Figure 149: Comets. A) Comet Halley in Milky Way, February 1986; B) Comet Halley, February 1986; C) Comet West, March 1976; D) Comet Kohoutek, June 1973; E) Comet Ikeya-Seki, November 1965; F) Comet West, computer enhanced; G) Comet LINEAR, July 2000; H) Comet Hale-Bopp, March 1997.

4 Comets: #ISON #Lovejoy #Encke #Linear

Artist impression of the Milky Way. (Image credit: NASA) This is what we think the Milky way would look like if we could see it face-on. There is a central bar and tightly-wound spiral arms. ©Mona Evans, “What Is a Galaxy”

Astrophoto: Awesome Views of a Sombrero in Space

M51, The Whirlpool Galaxy. This photo by Martin Pugh won him the title of Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2012. The photo shows the large spiral galaxy M51 interacting with a companion galaxy NGC 5195. ©Mona Evans, “What Is a Galaxy”

Comet Lovejoy's Long Ion Tail in Taurus | by Amazing Sky Photography

Curiosity Rover Sees a Pixel’s-Worth of Comet Siding Spring

Comet Pan-STARRS & Hohenzollern Castle, Germany. [Image Credit & Copyright: Stefan Seip (TWAN)] traditional name is Castle Hohenzollern. It was taken 2013-03-15 from Stuttgart (about 80 km away) on a very clear night with an extreme telephoto lens. I don't know which is more astounding - the fabulous picture or having such a clear sky! Mona Evans, "Comets"

Astrophoto: Airglow Shining Like an Aurora

Ultra-Deep Astrophoto: 75 Hours of the Antenna Galaxies