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    • Mona Evans

      Arago medallion near the Louvre pyramid. In his "Hommage à Arago," commissioned as a memorial to François Arago (1786-1853), Jan Dibbets set over a hundred of these bronze medallions into the ground along the Paris Meridian from the southern to the northern boundaries of the City. Each of them is 12 cm in diameter, with Arago's name and showing north and south. (Photo credit: Poulpy) Mona Evans, "Full Meridian of Glory - book review"

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    Hommage à Arago? Jan Dibbets made 135 bronze medallions to lay in various places along the Paris Meridian as a memoral to François Arago (1786-1853), (Credit: océane lesgourgues) But WHY is Arago's name misspelled here? Mona Evans, "Full Meridian of Glory - book review" www.bellaonline.c...

    Jan Dibbets, Horizons, Musée d’Art moderne de la Ville de Paris

    Fx Reflects: Jan Dibbets, Horizons, Musée d’Art moderne de la Ville de Paris

    JAN DIBBETS | 23. Le vedute architettoniche, specialmente di finestre riprese da un certo angolo, pongono la fotografia e la pittura in un faccia a faccia metaforico sulle loro rispettive capacità di fornire un'immagine del mondo.

    Paris Observatory, beginning of the 18th century. (Engraving: C. Wolf) Marly Tower is on the right. Giovanni Domenico Cassini had it moved to the grounds of the observatory in order to mount aerial telescopes and long tubed telescopes. Mona Evans, "Lacaille's Skies - Sciences" www.bellaonline.c...

    The Place Where Time Begins. The Prime Meridian Marker at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, England. Established by Astronomer Royal George Airy, it was in use when the Greenwich meridian was chosen as 'The Prime Meridian of the World', (the meridian of 0° longitude from which other longitudes are calculated), by the International Meridian Conference in Washington, DC in 1884. (Photo: Ryan Berlin) ©Mona Evans, “Royal Observatory Greenwich" www.bellaonline.c...